Carrier plates

Carrier plates for your products can consist of different materials. Metallic supports, e.g. made of aluminum or stainless steel, are well suited for more robust areas of application, while plastic supports have their advantages in terms of shape and weight. Here, too, it is advisable to tailor the material individually to the requirements.

The following processing steps can be implemented directly in-house:

  •     Milling on our CNC machining centers (aluminum and plastics)
  •     Straightening, grinding, deburring
  •     Processing of press-fit elements, e.g. bolts or threads
  •     Bonding of metal connections
  •     Insertion of seals

With a final functional coating, you can finally adapt your carrier plate even better to the intended use. We offer the following surface treatments (also in color) as standard for our aluminum carrier plates:

  • Anodizing
  • Chromate
  • Powder coating
  • Glass pearl rays
  • screen printing

We will also carry out other procedures upon your request.

gefräste und gepulverte Aluminium Trägerplatte mit gebolzten Schrauben
gefräste farbig gepulverte Aluminium Trägerplatte mit Einpresselementen
gefräste gepulverte Aluminium Trägerplatte mit Einpresselementen
gefräste und eloxierte Aluminium Trägerplatte mit Dichtung aus EPDM-Rundschnur

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